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PO Box 45773
Omaha, NE 68145
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Kate Pachunka
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1 Star
By Visitor
Being a single female homeowner, I am very careful where and how I spend my money. I was very disappointed in the service I received today, both from the plumber who came to my home, and Mary, the office manager. The plumber did not tell me what he was doing, the problem that he fixed, and left without one word. I called Tritz to ask them what he had fixed, and was treated very rudely by the office manager, I believe her name is Mary? Anyway, she was pretty much yelling in frustration I believe, telling me the plumber did not do anything wrong. I asked if I could speak with Mike, who I thought was the owner, and she would not put me through to his voicemail. Just be weary if you are looking for good customer service.
5 Stars
By Visitor
We have had Tritz plumbing to open our drains probably three times at our second to last house. They were friendly, speedy in showing up, and didn't drag out the work to get more money. I think of them as fair and decent plumbers and if my drain would get clogged in my condo I would call them immediately. I also belong to St. Bernard's.