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3206 Covington Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
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Tim Osborne
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By Visitor
I could not be more disappointed in the store. We recently purchased almost 7,000.00 worth of furniture there and one of the items was a Saloom china cabinet. After delivery we set it up with china and a few days later I went to sit a small teapot on the top shelf and everything came crashing down, both glass shelves with many items that my Mother had kept for 50 years. I was horrified, it scratched up the inside of the cabinet, dented the pull out tea tray and scratched/ dented the new wood floors that we had put down. I called them and imm. he said that because my son and I moved it ( slid it 5 feet down a wood floor! ) that we must have shaken the pins and glass loose and that is why it fell. As soon as we put it back together we saw that the pins that hold the glass shelves were very sloppy and literally would fall out and the glass was too short as well.

They did send someone out to look at it and touch up scratches but you can see the damage and the dents are not repairable in the tea tray and floor. The repair man said that it was not made right. I called the company twice and they say that after an item leaves and ends up on a showroom floor that it has no warranty, they only honor the warranty ( which I was told was a year ) if you special order it from them. So we have a table and chairs that has a warranty and none on the cabinet, who would have ever though that??

Beware of this store, they are nice until their is a problem and they won't fix it. I wanted to return it and Tim said " that is not one of your options ". I never would have ever dreamed this furniture purchase would turn out to be such a disaster. I ended up with an expensive china cabinet that is marred, a damaged floor and about 400.00 worth of broken glass and no one that wants to be held responsible.

Don't shop here and end up like me and don't buy Saloom products, they won't help you either. Buy from a bigger store that has some customer service and stay away from small family owned businesses like this who take your money and consider that the end of it.
5 Stars
By Visitor
We have bought all of our furniture at Rainbow. The quality is fantastic and the price is reasonable. I recommend Rainbow Furniture to all of my friends.