Gross Assisted Living

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1417 W Vienna Rd
Clio, MI 48420
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By Visitor
A fairly nice facility with the first introduction, but once inside and observe the entire facility it is mediocre at best. It is very clean and the has a beautiful living area. Once inside the resident rooms are clean, tidy and has each ones own touch of their life. Many of the residents that are up and moving about do not seem real happy. When looking about and watching the staff interaction they play favorites and say things that aren't necessarily kind or called for. Never to the point of being abusive but definitely derogitive! Just small innuendos that the resident with their complete faculties completely understands. As well as others that could be nearby, including other residents, staff, visitors as well as delivery company associates and other medical professionals. If you choose to send a loved one there, be diligent, visit daily at different times, ask your loved one if they like it there, are treated well, ask the staff questions (some will tell everything) and be very observant. We never suspected or observed abuse of any kind ever, but some residents weren't always treated as well as others or as they deserved to be treated! Especially since so many are private pay residents and deserve at the very least their money's worth!! Some of the staff is also nicey, nice and kissy, kissy, but beware they have two sides on their face, from the top personnel all the way down to the bugs on the floor!