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I rated the services for American Tree a 1 star because of being unorganized, having poor communication throughout the ordeal and causing damage to a neighbor's yard. I first contacted American Tree in May of this year and had a free consultation set up with Carlos to give me a quote to cut down 3 trees. I contacted them on May 28th and let them know I would like their services, and waited for the 8 weeks to hear back. By the end of June I contacted the company to see if I was on the schedule to plan ahead and the receptionist (Maria) did not confirm that I was on the schedule but would speak to Carlos to see if I could be put on the schedule and they would call me. I called back on July 6th and at that point Maria stated that they were backed up due to storms in Rhode Island and that they would contact me and tell me when I'd be on the schedule. On July 7th Maria left me a voicemail stating that they would call me the week of August 16th and schedule me on that week and that my trees would be cut down at that point. The reason why I needed to know the date was because I had a vinyl fence that needed to be removed in order for the bucket truck to enter the yard. Due to the thickness of the cement and the depth of the post I had to get someone to come and cut it out with the proper cement cutting tools. I was able to remove the post and fence on August 15th, but I did not receive a call for a few days so I called on August 19th for an update. Maria the receptionist answers and tells me that they are backed up because of the hurricanes (Fred and Henri) that had just just come up and said that they are not sure when they would be able to get to my job, but I reviewed with her that I received the voicemail that it would be this week they would do my job. Maria reiterated that they are still backed up and that they would do their best to get to me and I said it would have been nice to have been told that things are backing up and that I should have held off on taking down my fence. Maria stated she would talk to Carlos and that she would give me a call back on the new date. Maria called me the next day and stated that they would not be able to come out to my house until September 13th and that left me frustrated as I now was going to have no privacy on one side of the yard and no security for a month! This was frustrating but at that point there was nothing else I could do and if I sought other services it would take even longer for them to come in. I understand delays happen, but call your customers to let them know like professionals! On September 13th the crew came to do the job and it was a 5 man crew. The 5 man crew were polite and courteous and did the job as described on the invoice. The only concern I had was to avoid damage in my neighbor's yard and unfortunately once the job was done, most likely when they were backing up the trucks, either the truck or a trailer went over my proper line into my neighbor's yard a good 3-4 feet and left significant ruts in the yard. I watched them come into the yard and they did not go over my property line. I did not care whether or not my yard had ruts because I planned on redoing that part of the yard, but my neighbor noticed the ruts on his side and notified me when he saw them. I did not notice this when the crew left because I went to get the check inside the house and saw them in the front of the house and I never walked by the side yard. I called American Tree right after my neighbor notified me of the ruts and left a voicemail to see if there's anything that they can offer for assistance or anything that they can do. I never heard back from them, so I called them again on September 16th reminding them of the voicemail that I left about the ruts and I have yet to hear from them since. If I were you I would avoid dealing with American Tree because they do not communicate with you when they are running behind, leaving you without resolutions to the issues they cause and fix their mistakes.